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Places to Visit in Malvan

List of Tourist Places to See near Malvan

Sindhudurg Fort

This is supposed to be one of the prime tourist attractions of Malvan occupying a small island in Arabian Sea off Maharashtra coast in western India. This protected monument is the pride of Sindhudurg district. This popular monument of Malvan was constructed by the great Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1664. This Sindhudurg meaning sea fort is sprawling on an area of around forty eight acres, with high rising walls and longest rampart. The huge walls served dual purpose of protection against enemies and sea waves during high tides. The main gate of the fort is strategically concealed, which is not easily spotted from outside. The foot and palm prints of the great warrior Shivaji Maharaj are still preserved inside the fort. Three sweet water resources and a branched coconut tree are the special attractions for the tourists visiting this incredible fort.

Rameshwar Temple

This ancient temple of Lord Shiva located at Achara a small hamlet in Malvan Taluka, was an Inam or gift given by the Inamdar Chhatrapati Shambhu Raje of Kolhapur which was given to Lord Shiva, popularly known as inamdar Shri Rameshwar. This spectacular sample of historic architecture dates back to 1684 AD, when the main sample was erected. The original structure was added with a sanctuary in 1805. Other small temples were also built in the premises at a later stage. Many traditional activities are still performed here with great enthusiasm. The celebrations of Ramnavami, Hanuman Jayanti Kartikostav, Dashahara, and Mahashivaratri are celebrated here throughout the year bringing hordes of tourist to this beautiful place.

Tarkarli Beach

Malvan in Maharashtra is blessed with long coastal line and pristine beaches located at strategic locations. The beach is located at just six km to the South of Malvan on west coast of India. Among the other beaches of Sindhudurg this beach is most popular among tourists for its crystal clear waters and the water sports facilities available at this beach. On sunny days the bottom of sea up to twenty feet is clearly visible increasing chances of viewing the exclusive marine life of the region. Location of beach on the meeting point of Karli river and Arabian Sea offers a unique natural harmony. Comfortable accommodations in the form of cottages along with recreation facilities invite more and more tourists to this beach. The beauty of the beach is enhanced by the cruise boats lined near the beach. Houseboats cruising, snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the attractions for the adventure lovers.

Chivla Beach

This beach is the nearest beach from Malvan city. Chivla is a fishing village gifted with a small arc shaped beach, with clean waters with rocky expanse on either ends of the beach. Sunset at this beach is a beauty to experience during summers. Chivla being a fishing village, lots of fishing activities can be watched at this beach. This virgin beach is best for honeymoon couples or families looking for a tranquil place away from the rush of the tourists. One of the attractions of the beach is watching the traditional way of fishing and the auction of the catch on the beach. Strolling on this beach under moonlight is an unforgettable experience.

Arse Mahal Beach

This is a secluded beach of Malvan, which is just an extension of the Chivla beach with ancient Navy detachment and petrol station. The unique activity which can be enjoyed here is to watch the sea from a distance, while sitting on a low wall created near the guest house. The Sindhudurg fort is visible from here as a beautiful distant spot. The beach is perfect for couples in search of tranquility and away from the crowd location.

Tondavali Beach

The beautiful village of Tondavali is located at just twenty two km from Malvan, between Arabian Sea in the west and Kalaval creek in the east. Fishing can be enjoyed from Kalaval bridge. Its strategic location near the creek makes it the best place for some adventure water sports, like sailing and riding the entertaining water scooters as well as banana rides. The confluence point of the creek and the Arabian Sea is worth watching. Sighting Dolphins near the shores is another unique opportunity at this beach. The sea shore near this beach is embraced with lush green Cyprus orchard. There is ample opportunity to taste the incredible fish variety available at Tondavali.